Warranty Process

At Velocity Developments, we strive to provide our homebuyers with a Zero-Defect Home. This means when you move into your new home, the home will be finished and all corrective items will be completed (“Zero-Defect Home”) allowing you to enjoy your new home without interruption.

In order to help make your move as pleasurable and effortless as possible, we have provided you with a copy of our Homeowner’s Warranty. This document contains many important items you should know regarding your new home and your responsibilities as a homeowner. It also covers the scope and coverage of your One-Year Limited Warranty program offered by Velocity Developments.

Please be sure to read this document in its entirety. It will help you get acquainted with your new home and help you protect your investment.

At Velocity Developments, we understand sometimes problems arise after you have lived in your home. This is why we provide our homebuyers with a simple way to place a Warranty Service Request with our Team. We track all Warranty Service Requests to make sure all items are addressed promptly and completely. Our Team is knowledgeable, capable and will honor, and not deviate from, our responsibilities stated in the warranty.

We are sincerely grateful and appreciative for you entrusting us to build your home! It is our goal to create an experience that is memorable, enjoyable and most importantly, stress-free for you as the client. As a small family-owned business, we take pride in our work and ensure each home’s quality exceeds expectations.


All claims for adjustments, repair or replacement shall be made by the Buyers, in writing accompanied with pictures of the items, and emailed to warranty@velocity.team. The subject line of this email shall be the property address.

The claims will only be accepted by Velocity Developments monthly unless it is an emergency or safety concern. Buyers shall compile a list of items of concern, and submit it once each month to Velocity Developments via email including all applicable pictures. Your requests will be reviewed and Velocity Developments will determine its coverage under the Limited Warranty. If the request is determined to be within the specifications of the Limited Warranty, Velocity Developments will repair or replace the item, at our sole discretion, at no charge to you. All repairs will be performed in a reasonably timely manner.

Our responsibility is limited to restoring the home to its condition at the date of the request. All work will be done by Velocity Developments or by a trade contractor of our choice. Weather conditions, shortage of material or labor may extend the time needed to complete the request. Unless agreed to in writing, there will be no reimbursement to the Buyers for any repairs, replacements, or work that is done by the Buyers, agents of the Buyers, or others who are not specifically authorized byVelocity Developments.

Buyers are aware that this warranty does not cover any items that are not properly maintained or cared for by Buyers. Buyers are also aware that normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty. Buyers are aware they are to contact Velocity Developments before they alter, add on to, or attempt to repair a specific item.

If Buyers alter, add on to, or attempt to repair any item prior to contacting Velocity Developments as set forth above, this will invalidate the warranty of that specific item.